• jcy_intercultural_center 

    Jean Childs青年文化中心

    The Intercultural Center offers students from all backgrounds and cultures a safe place to gather, connect and discover their true selves while at 曼彻斯特. This new building has increased in size, allowing more students to gather.

  • 的城市 


    East and Garver Halls are now reserved for first year students. These residence halls are some of the most social halls on campus. Many students have open doors for people to easily stop by. This creates many opportunities for first year students to meet new people.

  • 居民助理 


    Residential Assistants (RAs) are a great resource for first-year students adjusting to life away from home. They'll help you get involved around campus and cultivate relationships within and beyond your residential hall. 不要告诉他们 where you heard this, but they can oftentimes be a great source of snacks, 太!

  • Garver壁画 


    Although all of the Residential Halls are co-ed now, that wasn’t always the case. Garver Hall was the first of 曼彻斯特’s residence halls to house both male and female students. A larger-than-life mural of Earl Garver and his true vision of residential life at 曼彻斯特 sits in the Garver great room as a reminder. 虽然他的时代已经过去了, students remain acquainted with the man they casually refer to as “Earl.”

  • 威尔伯


    Dining options and variety abound at 曼彻斯特 – whether you’d like to fill your plate with healthy choices or grab a quick burger to go. Haist共用 features a full buffet style menu with food to rival your favorite restaurants. Cru5h is another gathering place where students gather to study, 在项目上合作, 再吃个芝士汉堡. 如果你想喝点咖啡, Sisters Café is known for its Starbucks drinks and freshly made pastries. 赶着去上课或者想在路上吃午饭? 奥克斯餐厅提供订餐三明治和沙拉, 十二给你快, 自助获取食品和饮料.

  • 校园信仰


    曼彻斯特 embraces students from a multitude of religious backgrounds, while staying true to its historic roots in the Church of the Brethren. 通过宗教间的对话和机会, students gain deeper understanding of their spiritual beliefs and convictions. 给不同教派的学生, North 曼彻斯特 and surrounding towns have a variety of churches students can attend.

  • petersime-chapel


    Petersime 教堂 is a great place for one to nurture an existing faith or to discover a new one.  教堂提供几种不同的服务, 所有这些都是普世的,完全自愿的.  这是一个很好的方法 students, faculty and staff to gather and worship together.

  • 松鼠


    脂肪的.  瘦的.  毛茸茸的尾巴.  锯齿状的尾巴.  棕色的.  黑色的.  灰色的.  The squirrels that call 曼彻斯特 home blend into campus life as students greet them on their way to class. 不要试图抚摸它们, however – a  fingertip can look an awful lot like an acorn to a hungry squirrel!

  • 美丽的校园


    Lay a blanket down on the beautiful expanse of grass in the middle of campus we call “the Mall.”  Take your studies away from your desk and sit around a fountain surrounded by majestic oak trees.  Or get away from it all by spending a few minutes in the stunning 和平花园.  曼彻斯特’s gorgeous campus is the perfect environment to relax and explore your best self.

  • 靠近城镇


    Campus is just two turns away from downtown North 曼彻斯特.  开车进城,满足你对快餐的渴望. 让必胜客送货到你的宿舍.  在Redbox上租一部电影.  核对你的 邻里新鲜超市的购物清单. North 曼彻斯特 has everything you need to survive college!

  • 学术中心


    Named in honor of 曼彻斯特’s first African-American students, the Martha Cunningham and Joseph 坎宁安学术中心 features technologically advanced classrooms with faculty offices nearby for student access and advising.  It’s an environment that promotes effective teaching and learning, and enables 你的成功. 这里也是caf修女会的所在地.

  • 科学中心


    曼彻斯特有着悠久的, distinguished reputation in the sciences and an outstanding record for preparing students for careers in health care. That’s why you’ll always find our state-of-the-art 科学中心 full of students and alive with hands-on activity. 这85,000-square-foot structure is home to the departments of Physics, 化学, 生物学, 数学与计算机科学

  • 聚会的地方


    曼彻斯特’s campus includes a multitude of spots where students can gather to study, 合作或者只是闲逛. Meet your friends at Wilbur’s or Sisters Café for a bite to eat. 围坐在和平园的喷泉边聊天. 找到 乔杨瑞士中心的一组舒适的椅子, the 学术中心 or Student 活动 Center (SAC) to relax. 或者在商场的某个地方铺条毯子学习. 与你的朋友和同学联系很容易.  

  • 住在校园里学生的百分比


    大约72%的曼彻斯特学生住在校园里. Each with a character of its own, the residence halls are perfect for studying and socializing. Living on campus offers students more opportunities to cultivate life-long relationships 真正掌握“大学经历”.”

  • Haist共用


    Haist共用, in the Jo Young Switzer Center, is one of the hubs of campus activity. You’ll get familiar with Haist early on at student orientation, and almost every day thereafter when you meet your friends there for breakfast, 午餐和 晚餐. 你将参观那里, 太, 参加了很多校园活动, 如国际自助餐, 服装宾果游戏,音乐和舞会.

  • 校园商店


    校园商店是你购买很多东西的资源. 购买课本. 拿爸爸妈妈的爱心包裹. 用曼彻斯特的服装来运动你的学校色彩. 检查你的圣诞清单. 把课本卖回去. 校园商店 你投保了吗?. 

  • 研究空间


    曼彻斯特’s campus is designed for student success and is equipped with numerous spots for you to study both individually and as a group. If you can’t concentrate in your room, try the study room down the hall. You won’t have a problem finding a spot in the library or the Success Center.

  • 和平花园


    曼彻斯特 was the first school in the nation to start a Peace Studies program. The Gladdys Muir 和平花园 on the west side of campus honors the founder of the program and offers a quiet, 坐下来放松的地方, 与朋友见面 or make a botanical study of the wide array of flowers and plants.